Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 37: Take a Break for the News

Day 37: Take a break for the news- Ever heard the expression, no news is good news?  Well, try turning off the tv or switch the station when the news comes on.  Even the newspaper is filled with local and national stories of bad things that are happening daily. 
So instead of starting or ending your day on a negative note why not do the opposite, start it off and end it on a good note? 

Read something inspirational, or that makes you laugh.  Listen to relaxing music before bedtime and something perky in the morning.  Watch kids movies.  Or, you could just start and end your day with silence and reflection on your day.   Use it to reflect on all the good you experienced in your life or heard from friends.

Day 36: Reward Yourself-  In order for me to reward myself I have to turn off the computer and just sit and relax making one of my crafts.  That is how I reward myself.  Doing something I really enjoy.  Occassionally,  it might me to go to my favorite resale shop and see what useful treasures I can find. 

At other times it might just be to sit and look at the nature in my backyard.  Even though I live in a huge city of houses we have our own little patch of woods and plants, flowers of all kinds.
I like to think of it as my green filter from all the fumes in the air.  Our neighbor to our left has lots of trees in their backyard and we still have one empty lot across the street.  And one block over is woods and lakes so I just love our little corner of the world.  Then, all around our city is water and woods so that too helps filter the fumes that the highway creates. 
Our town is called the city of lakes.  We have the St. Johns River on the west side and lots and lots of lakes all over the city.  Pretty cool I think.

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