Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 34: Connect With Nature

Day 34: Connect With Nature- Take a walk on the wild side. Get outdoors at least once a day. You don't have to travel great distances to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the natural world.  Even if you live in the city they have parks or community gardens you can take a stroll in.

So take a stroll down your street, go on a picnic, find a rock or tree to sit on.  Observe and listen to the complex beauty of the natural world around you.  Let yourself be at one with your surrondings. Close your eyes and just listen to all the animals and see if you can identify each one.

Day 33: Enjoy Creature Comforts- As I was saying yesterday that we have a cat which is Siamese, named Bubbles and a dog, Yorkie, named Spencer.  They keep me company during the day while my family is at work.  Every morning I let the cat in and feed her. She greets me with her morning meow and purrs away when I pour the food.

The Yorkie is attatched to my daughter and the minute she leaves to go to work he will stand at the door for about 10 minutes waiting and listening in the hope that she will come back soon.  And, no matter how many times I call him away and tell him she has gone to work he just looks back at me and stands there and then turns and looks at the door again.

I have the lovely job of feeding him too.  He is so well trained that he knows he has to sit first and then has a count-down and "ok" signal before he can eat.  I get a good laugh when he decides he wants more than what I just put in his bowl and instead of going to the bowl and eating right away after his signal he sits and looks at me.  I tell him the same thing every time, "Sorry, that's all you get today, buddy".  Then, he'll either go ahead and eat it or go back to my daughter's room and sleep until she gets home. 

The only time he will come out of her room is when someone comes to the door and rings the bell.  Then, like lightening he runs to the door barking wildly hoping it is his "Kayla".  That is my little corner of the world with our critters.

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Cindy Lou said...

We live in a wooded area and before I retired I remember the daily release of driving into the driveway, seeing the trees and There were the incredible days that I left in the morning with leaf buds bulging and came back to leaves! It was such a delight to realize how much difference a few hours make!