Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 33: Enjoy Creature Comforts

Day 33: Enjoy Creature Comforts- What are creature comforts anyway? I like this definition I found on a website.

"You can define creature comforts in many ways, and many of us view some of our creature comforts as near necessities. They can be all the little things about the home that make it yours and cry out to you “Welcome!” when you enter the door, or they can be those nice simple things, like a great fluffy pillow that enhances your sleep at night. Could you live without a great fluffy pillow? Of course you could, but if you have the wherewithal, why should you forego it?

There are so many different types of creature comforts that it is challenging to put them into a single class or category. They can include most furniture, most bed and bath items, most kitchen supplies, and many types of clothing. When you think about it, there are many accessories or extras in your life that aren't necessary to survival. These may even include creature comforts we might list as basic things like toilets or beds. Such things are often viewed as necessities but it should be noted that much of the world’s population lives without them."

Now, let me turn your attention to another kind of "creature comfort," Pets!! Do you have one of those furry little four legged friend running around your house?  We have two, a cat and a dog.  Once, you get one and they wiggle their way into your heart you can't live without them.

Pets overlook our faults, are always happy to see us, and don't ask for a lot in return.  What a treat!  So spend time with your pet each day. Play with them, walk them, talk to them. They are really good listeners.

If you don't have your own critter, "borrow" one from a friend or family member, or visit a shelter or pet store. Hold them and cuddle them and let them feel loved. 

Day 32: Smile Therapy- This one is one I came up with after my horrible ordeal with Lyme disease.  I would lie in bed at night feeling like I'd run a marathon all day and could get to sleep.  I would notice my body was tense and I felt awful.  I was introduced to a anxiety home course that came with a relaxation tape for you to use at night or during the middle of the day to unwind and relax.  That was the best thing I'd ever listened to.  It gave you a short simple exercie to do along with deep breathing to help you relax and get to sleep.

Then, I would feel so much better afterward that I would feel like smiling.  And, once I smiled I felt even better mentally.  So, every night that became my routine and I've been doing it ever since.  So, put it into practice in your life and start feeling what a difference a smile can make to your life!

I hope all my supporters are still following me out there.  I am happy to announce that my cancer is responding to treatment and I should be out of the woods completely by next month.  So, please say a big horrah!!!  And, please keep leaving your wonderful comments, they encourage me so much.  I hope I am encouraging you too!

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Cindy Lou said...

Hoorah! Glad to hear the good news. Even though I haven't posted a lot lately, I have been following your blog and I'm glad to hear you are on the upswing. I'm a cancer survivor too, and have a cousin and dear neighbor fighting that fight now. There are so many of us out there and I do seriously believe the caring, support and prayers of family and friends are the best treatment out there.

They have done medical tests that show smiling actually has a chemically positive effect on people. After you do it for a while it becomes more natural. Its fun to see people's reaction to a smile too. Its and easy thing to share and brings so much back to you.