Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 32: Smile Therapy

Day 32: Smile Therapy- Smiling comes easy to most of us when something makes us smile. But, what about the times there is nothing going on around us that makes us smile?  Or, at the end of the day when you're tired and worn out from the days events you may not feel like smiling.  What can help you smile more when you're not feeling chipper and perky?  Make smiling a daily routine.  Smile for 5 minutes a day when you find that you're feeling depressed or not feeling very well. 

Stand at a window and look out over the landscape and find something that brings a smile to your face.  Now, exercise your smile muscles and do it in reps of 20 for 5 minutes a day.  You'll be surprised how this will get you into the smile habit that will change your life for the good. So come on smile a little!

Day 31: Look For the Good- We all tend to stray away from looking for the good in those around us everyday.  I'm working on looking for the good in those I'm around everyday and compliment them on something different their good at daily.  I always thank my husband for providing for the family daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  You may not think that is so important, but there are some husbands that go from job to job because they don't take their obligation seriously.  
I thank my daughter for contributing toward the family financially now that she is working.  She never complains and is ready to help out in other ways as well when asked.  I buy her little gifts throughout the year to show her how much she is valued and loved. 

One of my friends daughter told me that her Mom doesn't have a clue of what she likes and when they give gifts once a year at their Anniversary she always gets things she doesn't like and just gets thrown in a drawer.  That was so surprising to me because I listen to what my daughter talks about and I pay attention to what she buys, the books she reads etc...

And, don't be afraid to ask someone what they'd like or tell someone what you'd like when gift buying.  I hear to from friends, "They are so hard to buy for," that usually is because the person is picky and doesn't value the spirit of giving. 

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