Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 35: Count Your Blessings

Day 35: Count Your Blessings- Past, Present and Future.  Whether you are a religious person or not you can still find the good in your life and where it came from. 

Past Blessings- Think back as far as you can remember and write down all the good things that came into your life.  Things that were given to you, things that you earned, things that you really wanted.

Present Blessings-These are the things that happened to you this year.  If you prayed for things you needed and you received them write those down.  If you needed a friend to talk to and they called you or stopped by write that down. Any and every little thing it doesn't have to be an object it can just be something that filled a need.

Future Blessings- What would you say would be a future blessing for you? Would it fill a material need, a physical need or and emotional need?  It could be all three.  Well, think about this as a future blessing.
Think of a time when no one will pay for anything to survive. Think of a time when no one will die or be sick ever again.  Think of a time when everyone will have their own house and own garden and no one will come and take it away.  Think of a time when there will be no more war, violence or wickedness on the earth.  Think of a time when the earth will return to a healthy, pure environment.  Think of a time when there will be no more divisions among races.  Think of a time when there will be only one government.  Think of a time when there will be only one religion.
Do you know when that will happen?  Would you like to be a part of that?  You can, ask me how.

Day 34: Connect with Nature- I love to go outside in the morning and close my eyes and listen to all the sounds around me. I hear the birds singing of all varieties. I hear dogs barking, I feel the wind blowing across my face.  Then, I open my eyes and look at all the trees and flowers and insects buzzing past me. 
I stop and thank God for being alive and giving me so much beauty to look at every single day.  It makes me happy and I feel calm inside.  I have bird feeders to attract different birds and of course the squirrels think it's just for them.  But, that's okay they need to eat too.  The birds get plenty too.
Then, I have an extra special treat of watching our cat sit inches away from the squirrels face and they chatter back and forth to each other until she finally springs up and misses it and the squirrel runs back up the tree.

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