Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living With Lyme-Before and After, Compare!

If you've been living with Lyme for years now and have gotten past the first initial shock of it all, then you will understand why this exercise I'm about to tell you is so important.  First, off let me say that my first 3 years with the illness put me into post traumatic stress syndrome.  Yes! all that I had been through with this horrible illness made me afraid of so many things we do everyday.

I couldn't even tell people what happened to me without having an anxiety attack and shaking all over from the stress of talking about it.  Thankfully, that has past and I can begin to look at it objectively to help myself and hopefully help others too.

First, do an inventory of your illnesses before the Lyme and then do a list of the ones after and all the symptoms you have.  Make two columns with Before/After at the top.  Now, the reason why this is important is you need to keep this with you on your person and show it to any new doctor's you visit.

For, me the list is so long I can't possible remember it all and just trying to starts to stress me out.  My Mother did this and the doctor's thank her because all they have to do is copy it and skip all those questions and paper work. 

At my last medical appointment I had to fill out a 5 page questionnaire and by the time I got to page 5 they threw in math problems.  Well, that was too much for my poor little brain and I couldn't answer the rest of the page.  The doctor reviewed the pages and filled in the blanks and when he got to page 5 and the unanswered questions, he asked why I didn't finish and after I told him he smiled and said, no problem.

Then he proceeded to review my medical history and had somehow missed the Lyme.  When he asked was there anything else, I said: Yes! the Lyme.  He looked at me puzzled and I said slowly, Lyme Disease.  His eyes widened and he said, with all that you already have I'm surprised your still alive!  I said, Thanks! and we laughed.

Now, I can laugh about it and that is a good thing.  The more you can start to laugh again and really feel it and mean it the better off you'll be. 

Next,  see if any of the illnesses you had before Lyme are better or worse.  The ones that are better you can now rejoice over.  The ones that are worse those are the ones to concentrate on to make better.  This is my before/after list. Hold on to your seat, cause it's a wild ride!!!

Before: Asthma- mild RX
              GERD -mild under control but frequent heartburn RX
              Migraines -Lived on Ibuprofen
              Low Blood Sugar-diet controlled
              Low Blood Pressure
              Allergic Rhinitis-Mild RX
              Poor Circulation

After: Asthma-mild with Homeopathic remedies as treatment-(No RX drugs)
           GERD-mild diet controlled (no more RX drugs)
            Migraines-gone with aid of Neuro Science products (Pain medicine free)
            Low Blood Sugar-diet controlled
            Low Blood Pressure-improved
            Allergies- Severe Homeopathic remedies- (have to wear mask outside)
            Lyme Disease
            Chemical Sensitivity disorder-homeopathic remedies
            Poor Circulation-Due to Lyme right arm and leg reduced, tests showed PAD type condition
            Celiac Disease
            Chronic Fatigue
            Liver Damage
            Bile Duct Damage
            Memory Loss
            Sleep Disturbance
            Lack of Concentration
            Heart Damaged Valves
            Hypothyroid-weight loss
            Adrenal Exhaustion

This too shall pass!  Keep the faith and hope in a better future to come under God's kingdom. Blessings to you all!


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