Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Healthy Diet A Day Will Help You Chase The Dogs Away!!!!

You've heard the saying: "An apple a day will keep the doctor away!"  Well, now we've come up with a new one for our cat, Bubbles.  "Eating an organic diet a day, will help you chase the doggies away!" 
We have a fenced in back yard so that any unleashed dogs can not get in our yard and kill the cat.  Well, someone left the gate opened today and a dog got in the yard.  Bubbles said, we'll have none of that in my yard buddy! 
It was a true Kodak moment.  My daughter looked out the back window at the exact moment a boxer came in the yard and exclaimed: "Oh, my goodness Mom, there's a big dog in the back yard and Bubbles is out there.  Then, the next thing she says, Bubbles just chased the dog out of the yard!"
  She fluffed up and must have hissed or something to cause it to run away. ROFL  A few seconds later,  she came moseying back in the yard, still fluffed, purring!

So who says an organic diet won't improve your pets health?

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