Saturday, February 26, 2011

Farm Girl Plowing Through Menopause

Terms of Endearment

The Curse-When a girl becomes a woman
The Change-Turn in Your Maxi-Pad for a Note-Pad
The Golden Years-Life After Menopause

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this Menopause business.  First off, why in the world do they call the body changing into the ability to bring life into the world "the curse"?  In my opinion it is death that should be called "the curse".  Which by the way in the bible, death is called our "enemy".

So, from my list above I've made a few changes. The so called curse, I call a blessing and a gift from God.  Because, it usually means you're going to find a wonderful man to settle down with and start your own family.  What God calls "gifts".

Now, on to menopause and all that it has cracked up to be.  I think the term "cracked-up" is putting it mildly.  And, my saying you'll be turning in your maxi-pad for a note pad is a heads up.  You're going along fine, you've had your family and you've settled into raising the children, seeing them go out into the world, learning to drive, getting a job and having fun with their friends...You finally get to do your own thing around the house and yard...Then start forgetting simple little daily tasks...You put a pot on the stove and go into another room to finish a project...and you completely forget you where cooking until the pot is boiling over and you hear the popping noise from the burner.

Then, every afternoon you have to take a nap, no if, ands or buts about it.  Just to sleep through the night the a/c has to be set for Arctic temperatures.  And, it seems like you spend all your time going to the bathroom.  

So, my word for menopause is "Wonder Woman"!  Cause half the time you are wondering around trying to figure out what in the world you were just doing!  The one thing I haven't forgotten is to eat.  I seem to be hungry all the time. But, does my body pay me back by gaining weight? No, it just stays the same little ole me!  I've been jipped I tell you Jipped!!!! 

Okay, I feel better  now that I got that off my mind! 

I wanted to welcome the newest followers and thank you for spending time with me each day!

I'm going to be adding some "how to's" for those of us who are still Internet and computer challenged.  I just learned how to make your own "pdf" file so you can share patterns and projects with others on your blog.  Now, once I figure out how to put them on the side bar with a picture that you just click on and then pops up the instructions, I'll share it with you.

I follow the blog called Prairie Flower Farm.  They seem to know how to do these things and I left a comment on helping me out.  So, if I don't hear back from them soon, I'll look for someone else's expertise. 

It is so frustrating not know how to do these simple things that would make your blog so much more interesting.  If any of you know how to do that please email me the instructions.

Blessings in your day,

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