Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Selling Handmade Jewelry To Buy My Daughter's First Car

My daughter has been one of three care givers for me for the last 5 years along with my husband and mother. I came in contact with Lyme disease in 2005. She was 14 years old at the time. I was bed ridden for 6 months and went from 140 pounds down to 98. All the tests the dr. were doing to find out what I had was making matters worse. As I lay on deaths door, my dear daughter was having to take over the running of the house work. She was home schooled and had to take off one year to adjust to this new life.
Once, I found a doctor in 2006 that knew what I had and started treating me with alternative medicine I started coming around.
I had gained back up to 126 pounds by December 2008. While out going on an appointment we were hit by a women who ran a stop sign. That aggrivated the Lyme and I started loosing weight and my body was shutting down again. I then was diagnosed with Celiac's disease. I lost back down to 110 pounds. In the past few months I started to gain back little bits.
All this had taken a toll on my daughter. She managed to graduate in 2008 and started a little part time job in April 2009. She has been so over whelmed that she has not gotten her driver's license. So, my husband and mother have been taking her to work. With a lot of love and encouragement we have helped her to start studying for her license. She is almost ready to go take the test.
She will need her own car and insists on buying it herself. She knows how expensive my treatments are and that they are not covered under insurance. Which we can not afford.
Therefore, she is saving the money herself from her jewelry making business and the part-time job to pay for her car.
We would really appreciate your help if you could buy some of her designs to help her buy her car. She has done so much that other children have not had to do at such a young age. And, how many children do you know that would step up and take care of the house and their mother at the age of 14?
So, please find it in your heart to help such a rare self-sacrificing child to make her goal of having her car by the end of this year.
I will post how much she has saved from every sale. She so far has $500.00 in savings from her job. And, no sales from her etsy shop.
Please visit it at

We thank you in advance from our heart.
Marsha and Rafael Jaramillo

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