Saturday, February 6, 2010

Watkins and Fuller Brush Products Now Available Here

I recently was introduced to the Watkins Natural Products company by one of my farm girl friends and co-op members, Lynn (Weedy Ways). I have always liked the Watkins line and started using the organic extracts and spices in 2000. I am so happy to be able to buy at a discount now and get all the things I use at a great price. My id# 387871 to use when ordering or joining.
I found that they also have laundry and cleaning products as well as supplements. I was buying the bio-degradeable non-toxic laundry soap from another company but have compared prices and found that Watkins had a product just as good at a cheaper price. And, these days cost is a major factor to all of us.
So, I started replacing my other products organic and natural with the Watkins line. You can do the same and enjoy quality products that have been around since 1868. That's right over 100 years.
Please be sure to use my id# when joining or making a purchase so that I will get credit for the sale.
My id# is 387871 it is in my husband's name Rafael Jaramillo and Marsha Jaramillo
If you join this month you will get the website for free for 3 months. That is a great deal.
Thank you for helping me become a part of a great company. I hope you will join us.

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