Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 1 List I Made

My done list is great. I feel so good looking a list of what I was able to accomplish yesterday.
1. Made a new field service book
2. Worked more on the orders from farmgirls for my journals
3. The house was dusted
4. I got through 2 hours of pain talking to a friend on the phone who was also in pain. With no drugs! Great support!
5. I managed to do two personal things for myself and didn't have to lay down and rest afterward, good sign!
So that was my day. How did your day go?


cindy lou said...

My day
1. made breakfast
2. did dishes
3.started a load of laundry
4. weeded strawberries
5. emptied compost and cart that was full of water from rain
6. picked up stuff in the garden, pots, wooden frames from blueberries we moved recently
7. picked peas, edible pod peas and raspberries
8. went online to look for recipe and then got out stuff for raspberry bread
9. made lunch
10. mixed up raspberry bread and put it in to bake
11. took a half-hour nap
12. threw clothes in the dryer
13. talked on phone with DD who is having job frustrations
14. picked up 8 dozen eggs from a friend. I'll sell them for her Monday
15. made plans to pick up quarter of beef
16 picked up DH and went to the county fair for a 2 hour shift in the DFL booth
17. Ate out!
18. came home, picked up the mail
19. opended a gift from my Secret Santa!!

20.To-do yet; comb burrs out of our two dogs' hair and exercises for my shoulder and neck
22. do more research on further blueberries to order.

It's funny now to look at this and I actually thought this was a fairly unproductive day!

Cindy Lou

Anonymous said...

Hi Marjean!
I'm going to try to make the journey with you. We all need to reduce stress and I know that having friends support you is a stress reducer ... so count me in!

Anonymous said...

I'm just now getting my list on here.

1. Baked chicken for dinner tomorrow
2. Went for grocery's
3. Came home and fixed tacos
4. One of my best friends,Randy and his grand-daughter came by to visit. She had us all laughing.
5. Read for a little while.
6. made several phone calls
7. Daughter and grand-daughter came over before the leave for Colorado.