Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 6: Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Day 6: Laughter is the Best Medicine: It is proven that people who laugh more and have a positive outlook on life heal faster and get through the tough times better than those who don't.
Fill each day with laughter. Buy a joke book and read a few pages daily. Buy funny movies or rent them or borrow from your library. Watch them after work or after dinner with the family. If you have comedy tapes listen to them while you clean house or cooking.
Go through your scrapbook and remember fun times with friends or family. Keep friends who have a great sense of humor.

Resolve to have great mental health-resolve to have a good laugh everyday!

Day 5: Time Out!  This has really been an area I needed help with the most. It occurs mostly when I go to sleep and all these crazy thoughts of "what if " run through my mind. I say a prayer and it always helps me feel better. I find that I can keep myself busy enough through the day to combat this bad habit.  But, it is especially harder to control when I'm feeling worse from an illness. Then, I call a friend or read the Bible or watch a funny movie. I also find that doing something for others helps me get through those negative times. I try to have a day out with my Mom and Daughter. Just being with them knowing they enjoy me being out with them lifts my spirits and mood to a more positive one.


cindy lou said...

I find that having pets is something that brings me laughter every day. We have two crazy Australian Shepherd sisters. They are a bit over a year and a half but no one has told them they should start to act like adults.

countrynmore said...

I always enjoy a good comedy movie to make me laugh. There are a lot of stressful times throughout the day. I think that I used to laugh more than I do now.