Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 7: Grow Where Your Planted-Garden

Day 7: Grow Where Your Planted-Garden
Bringing life to being-garden. Whether you have 50 acres or none you can grow plants and flowers. Use a windowsill planter or patio pots and plant a wide variety of herbs and flowers and vegetables.
If you have a backyard then plant in a space that you can manage well on your own. Many citites have neighborhood landscaping programs. So check those out too.
Whatever the case just get out the gloves and hat and dig in the dirt.

Plan you garden with love and care. Attend it daily, as you water, prune and weed talk to them and really get into the feel of helping something to grow. It is a real thrill to watch your "babies" grow. Buy a garden almanac. Some places give them away free, like feed stores. You can also visit and buy an almanac for $2.50 each.

Day 6: Laughter- Between watching the silly habits of our cat and dog with the squirrels, lizzards and birds I get to laugh everyday. I have a supply of funny movies I watch too when I need that extra pick-me-up. Yesterday, I watched Money Pit with Tom Hanks, I thought I would have an asthma attack from laughing so hard, I could hardly catch my breath.
 When my daughter and I are telling stories of different family happenings we are usually rolling and tears are running down my face relating them to each other.
My husband was born in South America and even though he has lived here for over 35 years he still does things differently than Americans would do and he is so funny doing them. Especially, when he is telling us what happened to him on different jobs we all get a good laugh at his lost in translation conversations with homeowners.
We lovingly call him the "Pink Panther", he is a genius and can fix anything and everyone loves him for his talents and his humor.

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Anonymous said...

When I know I need a pick me up, all I have to do is call Linda(grannyprayin)she is a dear friend that I have met on Mary Janes Farm. We talk through our issues and always end up laughing. We will laugh until it hurts. I catch myself later doing something around the house and just start laughing about something we had said. Good memories.