Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 8: Know Your Bounds

Day 8: Know Your Bounds: Knowing what you want in life is important, but so is knowing what you don't want. Let me explain.
Make a list of the things that cause you stress: rude behavior by a loved one, overscheduled days, a diet high in bad fats. These are the things that are out of bounds in your life.

Now, commit to purging one item from your list-not next week or year, but today. Start small, simply, then work your way up. By getting rid of the old out of bounds stuff you will make a new way for yourself with the things that are inbounds that don't cause you stress.

Day 7: Grow where you're planted: My garden was started small this year. I've learned a lot from doing it that way. For instance, I know not to put plants with running vines like squash in a small space. And, I learned to put down lots of seeds per person to get the yield you need for your diet.
I'm very disappointed at how long it takes squash to grow and produce. I had two vines, one died that had a squash growing on it and the other one looks great but no fruit. The tomato is growing like a weed. The black-eye pea is doing fair. The rest didn't even make it past seedlings.
So, I'm starting over with more compost, potting soil and all the other stuff and see if these seeds do any better. I was worried about the hurricane's but now I'm worried about the heat.
I'm going to get this to be a thriving garden, so help me.


Anonymous said...

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Susan (Cindy Lou) said...

I love the time spent in the garden, especially picking raspberries or strawberries. Even pulling weeds has kind of a zen quality, though I do make use of mulch and sometimes ground cover fabric to ease the work. It is so stress relieving to see the plants growing and producing. The garden is a great reminder to say a prayer of thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm not one to doing outside gardening, but love all my inside plants. Growing up my mom always had violets and that is one plant I try to keep going. Every so often I'll pinch a leaf and start new plants. When their little blooms pop up, it's just wonderful.