Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 4-Breathe

Breathe: One of the simplest ways to relieve stress is to breathe-deeply.

Children breathe deeply. Adults tend to have shallow breathing, particularly when stressed. The result, is a lack of oxygen that we need to feed our bodies especially the brain. With deep breathing you have a calm that comes over you and you relax.
I learned how to deep breathe when I walk, or do deep knee bends with my back against a door. I breathe in through my nose to the count of 4 slowly then breathe out through the mouth to the count of 4 or 5 and then on the last breath push the rest of the air out in little puffs. I do this 5 times a day for 1 minute each time. I tend to get to light headed if I do it for longer periods. Don't ask me why.
Whenever I have an oxygen test done I am always normal never low so this exercise works.
Start babying yourself! Learn to breathe deeply, slowly more consciously everyday.

Day3: I love to hug my family and friends, it is the new relationships that I tend to be slower at giving a hug. I kinda test the waters so to speak to see if they don't mind hugs then I give them freely. My husband especially is a big hugger. I could never complain of lack of affection, I sometimes feel I get to much. Is that possible?


Anonymous said...

This is a problem area for me ... sometimes I even catch myself holding my breath! You are so right - when I take a long deep breath everything is soooo much better!! I have to learn how to make this a habit. Tracey

cindy lou said...

When I was a kid, learning to play the flute I would get dizzy from lack of breath. You wouldn't think a little instrument like that would take as much air power as it does.
DH and I had been doing yoga regularly. I didn't realize it made such a difference until at a check-up, when my doctor asked me to take a deep breath she said, "You do yoga, don't you?".