Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tip #2 Find Your Happy Place

Like comfort food, or your favorite outfit, or your favoirte chair. These are like the three neccesities of life. Food, clothing and shelter.
What is your happy place? It is any place that you can be free of stress and the noice of the phone-a place you can call your own. Remember, that club house or tree house as a kid. Maybe you made a tent out of sheets over chairs. Make your own special space and go there when you need to escape from pressures of the day. Regroup and replenish yourself. Dress in your comfy clothes and sit with a book or just with music that relaxes you.
Now, make your special place and tell us about it tomorrow. I'll be thinking of mine and let you know how it turns out too!


Anonymous said...

My happy place is in my living room.
We are fortunate to have a view of the water and I love to take a break there with a cup of tea (hot or iced) and look at the water or read a book or magazine. Oh, and I like it to be quiet. :-) Tracey

cindy lou said...

Its been pretty hectic around here, helping out at the county fair most of yesterday, trip to the emergency room with DS at 3AM, turns out its just a nasty flu. I haven't had much time to think about setting up a new happy place, but for now its a big old recliner in the living room, right next to a big arched window DH retrieved from a school that was being torn down. It looks out on the woods with some ferns and hostas planted on the edge. I haven't had time for a cup of tea there recently, but its a comfortable reading spot until our 45 lb. cuddle-puppy wants to share.

Anonymous said...

For right now it will have to be my living room curled up in my recliner. There is no tv going and I have my cup of tea. My husband usually goes to the back room and gets on the computer. I appreciate the time he gives me in my quite space. I can see out my double front window and out the door. Really love it in the winter when I can watch the snow coming down.