Monday, March 14, 2011

Donate To The Victim's in Japan

Dear Friends,
   We should be thanking God this day for the blessings we have in our lives when so many have lots everything they own.  Do you know that feeling of having your life turned upside down?  Or, what it feels like to loose a loved one in a tragic way?  Even if we've never experienced those kinds of looses we should not be quick to say: "Oh, how awful" and then go about our day. 
    I'm not satisfied with just feeling like it is a terrible tragedy. I'm doing something about how I feel.  I'm going to donate the money from my sales this week to one of the charity groups that send aid to those victim's and help them get through this life altering event.

   If you'd like to help me then visit my three etsy shop's below and my barter blog to bid on my auction items.

All the proceeds will be sent to one of these charity's disaster relief fund.

Have a Happy and Blessed Day!


Marjean said...

Update on Japan and where I send donations to.

Marjean said...

Donation total thus far is $11.00. Thank you to those who purchased!