Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Budget Tips and More!

Hello Dear Friends,
  We've made it to the end of another week!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!  Today, is the start of my budget tips Friday and more!  So, how many of you are addicted to soda?  Be honest, raise your hand or soda.  All that burping, just drives me crazy and for whatever reason the Lyme does not like it either, so I had to give up my Canada Dry Seltzer flavored waters.

  But, for those of you who don't have any health reason to stop or even if you do you won't, try this budget tip for a healthy alternative.  Here's what you'll need to pick up at your grocery store instead of that case of your favorite soda pop.
  Plain seltzer water or club soda.
  Flavored agave nectar
  Flavored Stevia liquid sweetener
  Watkins Natural Extracts
  Plain Stevia and Plain Agave
  Can you believe that's all you'll need to make your very own delicious and healthy bubbly?
   My sweet lovely smart daughter works at a health food store and she gave me the recipe.  Her favorite stevia flavors are vanilla and orange right now.  If you want a creme soda, mix up the vanilla stevia and club soda.  If you want an orange crush, you got it, mix the orange stevia and club soda ice cold.  They also have chocolate raspberry which sounds like a real yummy alternative. 

   Now to make a root beer float, buy my Watkins root beer extract and add that to your club soda or seltzer and ice then for the float add your favorite vanilla ice cream.  To order any of Watkins flavored natural extracts from my website go to

  How about cherry vanilla soda?  Buy Watkins cherry extract and vanilla and combine with your plain sweetener above.  The combinations are endless.  Make some up and share with us what are your favorites!!!

Garden Update!  Well, last night my dear husband transplanted my coffee filter seedlings into the lasagna garden.  Remember, the picture of them yesterday?  Well, over-night they grew another two inches!  And, the ones in the box did too.  I'm so excited, I think I'm finally going to have a garden that lives and produces fruit.  I am giving this a lot of tlc and it is paying off.  I go out and water and talk to my little plants everyday!

We have only six more days until the April contest begins.  Be sure to place your vote for one of the great prizes to be given away along with some other surprises as well.  You'll have lots of chances to win big!!!!  I'm giving away several, so be sure to find out how to enter on April 1st!!!
 I'm keeping a positive attitude that my oral surgery will go great and I'll be able to write down what the rules of the contest will be.  I have it written out already so all she has to do is add it here for you to see!!!
Happy days are here again, the sky is blue again, chase away all the blues again, happy days are here again!!!!

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MagnoliaWhisper said...

Love your garden! This is my first garden in 10 years as well. We were living in NYC in the second largest co-op in the world till about 6 months ago. So we can finally have a garden now!

That being said, I just wanted to warn you, if you have friends who are pregnant or may have a chance of becoming pregnant be sure to warn them not to use stevia till afterwards, as stevia can cause contractions and result in a miscarriage. When stevia first started getting popular here in the States about 20 years ago, my mom switched to it for years, as a result during those years she had 6 miscarriages. She didn't know why though. A few years ago we were told that in south america (where stevia comes from) they use it to abort babies, as it causes the contractions, etc. So while I think it's healthy (contractions aren't a bad thing unless you are pregnant!) I am going to avoid the use of stevia till I am no longer of child bearing age.