Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Easy Sew Trivet and Coaster Pattern

Since many of you are feeling the effects of a long winter, I thought an easy and fun sewing project would be just the thing to bring a little spring time into your day.  It is all hand work so you can sit comfortably and make these little coasters as gifts or put on a quilt or tote bag as a cute embellishment.

To get started you will need to collect the following supplies.
1. fabric scraps of three or four different patterns and colors.
2. pinking sheers
3. embroidery floss of colors to go with the fabric you picked
4. embroidery needle
5. scissors
6. wax paper
7. round plastic lids of three or four different sizes (small, med. large, x-large)
8. cotton batting

Now, the assembly part.
 * Take your lids and trace them onto the wax paper and cut them out.
 * Pin the cut out wax paper pattern to your fabric you picked out, one for each size circle
 * Cut out four from each size circle with the pinking sheers
 * Cut out the largest circle on the batting and a backing piece of fabric.  You'll have two circles of the largest size and one circle of batting in the largest circle.

Starting with the backing fabric lay it down with the wrong side facing you.  Next, put the batting you cut out to fit inside the large circle backing fabric.  Then add the next circle on top until the smallest circle is the last one on top.  It will look like the picture above.

Pin them all together.  Now starting with the small circle sew 1/2 inch around the circle to attach it to the other pieces of fabric. (sewing all the way through to the back cirlce)
Then, sew around the next circle 1/2 inch from edge and then finally the last circle sewing around the same 1/2 inch in from the edge. And you are done!

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