Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Your Spring On!!!!

Hello Farmgirls,

   It's time for a spring fling good time here in Sunny Florida!  It seems like the whole nation got rained on yesterday and still in some places today.  It turned our dead ugly brown lawns into happy green spring time yards.

  I was so surprised to look out yesterday and see bits of green coming through all the weeds.  We've been slowly pulling them from patches all over the front yard getting ready for spring planting.  I'd love to put in sod this year and get rid of those.... potpourri looking grass weed patches.  But, first things first, my vegetable garden and flower beds!

This year I'm doing the lasagna style gardening in the vegetable garden area.  It is fenced off so it will be easy to do.  My husband will get out there and pull out the leggy weeds and then start layering the ingredients for a

Last year was a flop what the summer heat and rain didn't kill the bugs did.  Then, the fall planting went south when.....early frost and freezes hit us.....what a drag that was!

I'm not a quitter, so I am determined with the help of my dear family to see a garden this year!!!!  We are planting heirloom seeds and using organic compost and feterlizers.  Then when those little critters start showing their faces it will be natural pest control to the rescue.

How about sharing with me and the rest of the gang what you're planting this year! Here is my list:
   *Every squash know to man:spaghetti, acorn, zuchinni, butternut, carnaval and more!
   * Leafy green veges like swiss chard, red and green lettuces, collard greens
   * Onion, carrots, peppers, tomato
   * Beans, beans and more beans: pole beans, pinto, black, adzuki, butter, lima
   * Peas please: split pea, green pea, black-eyed, and whatever else I can find.

Have you ever seen a two pound organic sweet potato?  My daughter brought this home for me from her health food store she works at.

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