Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Winds Are Blowing!

It's been a quiet month up til last night that is, when all the winds decided to start blowing all at once to make the saying "March Winds" come true.  My goodness, it sounded like a hurricane outside.  The rain was coming down in buckets along with those whipping wind sounds.  The one good thing I was thinking to myself was at least my garden is getting watered!

I checked on my coffee filter seeds and one of them is peeking through the soil already!  Wahoo!  I don't know what it is yet since I forgot to mark each one. hehe!!  But that is okay, it makes more exciting when it comes harvest time. 

Our poor little Yorkie ate something that upset his little system and he is looking poorly and just sleeps and sleeps. So off to the Vet next week.  He's my little buddy during the day while the family is at work.  I take him on walks now every evening so we both get some exercise.

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