Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just How Good Is Etsy?

For those of you wondering if selling on Etsy is worth it or not and wondering if you should open an Etsy shop here are my Jeanpatch stats for the last 30 days.                        1,028
Direct Traffic                     186                         51
Etsy Mini                            18               18                  8              7       7                                4           4           

As you can see the majority of my traffic comes from customer's coming right to Etsy.  Facebook, twitter and other social networks did not make the top 10 list.  Interesting to see my traffic comes from my website Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op, my Etsy mini which is found on my blog and website blog and in the Sunshine Market Place.  Handmade Spark, Yahoo, MJF, google and direct traffic all made the top 10 list.

Keeping track of where your traffic sources come from and where your sales come from help you focus your attentions on where to advertise the most.

It pays to have a blog and website to promote your items on and use google to get your items ranked on the first page.  To find out how to get your items on the first page of google join my website, Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op and I'll share all these tips with you. 

Here are some of my sold items from the last 30 days.

         Flower Greeting Card            
  Custom Order for Kaliheid 100 Hand Stitched Wedding CD Envelopes Custom Wedding Reception Envelopes

  Gluten Free Scone Recipe           
   Altered Journal and Vintage Hankie Card