Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 11-Silence is Golden

Day 11-Discover the sound of silence. You've heard "silence is golden", well it's true. Shrill alarm clocks, blaring car horns, babbling tv's loud radio's-we are surrounded by noises tha drown out our inner voices. It's time to turn down the volume.

Seek out silence. Create quiet pockets in your life. Turn down the ringer on the phone. Put the cell phone on vibrate. Turn off the car radio. Hang a "DO NOT DISTRUB" sign on your office door.

Give your ears and mind the rest they deserve.

Day 10-Color Your World! I had to do some searching for odor free crayons. Jovi Color makes them and says no odor. So, I'll let you know if they bother me and if that is true or not. Have to order them online, can't find them in any of the stores around where I live.

I have chemical sensitivity disorder, asthma and allergies so anything and everything that smells bothers me. I told my husband if the commercial world says it's odorless I can still smell something chemically in it. I should have a job detecting chemicals in things and get paid to do it. Wouldn't work though since I have to breathe through a mask the minute I step out the door.lol  

I buy coloring books that reflect past history. The Smithsonian and historical communities like St. Augustine, FL or Williamsburg, VA are great places to find coloring books that adults wouldn't mind coloring in.  The pages are thicker and don't have that funny smell the cheaper coloring books for kids have.  I'll have to post on the MJF for my farmgirl friends to go on a coloring book hunt for me; since my traveling days are past me now.


Susan (Cindy Lou) said...

Sorry to hear your sensitivity makes even simple things less simple. I hadn't thought of coloring in years. I have some
computer generated design books that can be fun and could help with quilting ideas in the future. I had gotten them for our kids when they were young.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Silence is Golden", I find noise annoying at times. Its so great when the vaccum is turned off, I often find myself turning off the radio or tv that someone has left on. Sometimes I don't even realize how noise is affecting my mood until it is turned off!
There is real peace in silence.

Anonymous said...

When I went to the hospital to have my first baby I packed a color book and colors. I find it very relaxing. And still do today. Just a few weeks ago I was at one of my high school friends house and she had some really cool designs printed out on computer paper. She grabbed the colors and we had a ball. I love to do anything creative. It's like I'm in my own little world.