Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 20: Meditate

Day 20: Meditate- Meditation can take many forms. You can just relax with the room quiet and just think of restfull and peaceful surroundings. Don't let your mind wander, but focus on things that bring your inner peace to the forefront of your mind.

Bring back scriptures that make you happy and think of a bright future ahead. Think of good expereinces with loved ones you shared in the past.

Don't worry about what you will accomplish in those few quiet moments-just go with the flow. Let your thoughts take you to a better place and enjoy the peace from within.

Day 19: Set the Table- I posted a picture of a table setting I did for our last tea party. Today, I got out one of my bright white with pink tableclothes and set the table with my vintage 50's center piece. After looking at it I said it just doesn't go with that cheerful tablecloth.
So I looked in my kitchen and found a crystal bowl with colorful flower design that did the trick.
That's one spot in the house that I can change weekly to a new theme that makes me feel happy and gives me lots of enjoyment coming up with new ideas and center pieces. And, it doesn't cost me anything for the new decorations, I just look in my china cabinet for new pieces that I havn't had out since my last party.
Set the table for yourself once in a while even if you're not having guests for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I have so many dishes that were my grandmothers and moms that I just love to use. It just brings back good memories and sets the mood for dinner. I have a small cake plate that was my grandmothers and she used it at her wedding. Then my mother used it and it was past on to me. I used it and then my daughter and daughter-in-law. Grand-daughers with be next!!! Brenda