Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 16: Take the Day Off

Day 16: Take the Day Off- Wouldn't it be nice to wake up without having anything to do? If all you had to do was be?  Well, why not make that day today? Take a "mental health" day. Let your loved ones or friends know that you'll be off-duty for an hour or two, or maybe five or six.

The world will go on spinning, but, at least for a while, you won't have to spin with it. Put on a relaxation tape and just chill-out. Turn the ringer off on the phone and let yourself discover your inner peace of mind. It really helps reduce stress.

Day 15: Start a Scrapbook- I have lots of family and friend event scrapbooks. They are all sizes and filled with pictures and journaling of what we did and where we were at the time. I have a wedding album, a vacation album, a friends album, and a gardening album. So, now I'm going to add to that collection and start a Reducing Stress Journey Album and include all the cards and pictures of gifts I've received since I started on this journey.  It will be my special place to go and reflect how loved I am and that I'm not alone. I never want to forget all the special people who helped me get through this new adventure in yet another one of life's challenges.


Susan (Cindy Lou) said...

Thanks for the memory! When my kids were little I made scrapbooks for them, not the great feats that are so popular today, but pictures of what they were interested in that year, pictures of favorite toys, favorite animals, shapes, colors, etc. It was a standard Christmas gift for years. I wish I had written the year in them so when we look back we could connect it with a particular age. I usually worked on them in the evening when the kids were in bed and my husband was at work, a peaceful time.
Your mention of a scrap book sounds like something fun and calming to try again now. I might start with the cards and notes from friends when I was recovering from cancer surgery and chemo four years ago. They're just sitting in a box and were so important to me at that time.

Anonymous said...

As most of us we have all the scrapbooks of family times and they are a treasure. But this time I think I'm going to work on one that shows places and things that brings me peace and comfort. For along time I've clipped pic's from magazines that I can just imagine be there and the calmness it can bring. This is going to be fun.