Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 15: Start a Scrapbook

Day 15: Start a Scrapbook- Here's another fine way to reduce stress and have fun at the same time. Collect the things you love doing: clip pictures from events you've attended or vacation places you've been or would like to go to. Anything that has a special appeal for you, start collecting them and put them in your "reducing stress" scrapbook.

Every time you add to it, take the time to scan through it at all the things you love that bring you happiness and give you a purpose in life. Start with a small 8x8 scrapbook kit that comes with all the papers, stickers and embellishments. That way it won't stress you to come up with color ideas or worrying about everything needing to be matching just so.
Start a vacation scrapbook or a gardening scrapbook. Just be creative and have fun with it. Don't let it be perfect, let it be you. Just go with the flow.

Go through old photo books and take out the ones you want to go in your new scrapbook. The possibilities are endless at how you lay out each page. Make it fun and different. Try to work outside the lines. Scrap outside the box.

Day 14: Getting Rid of Fears- In the last five years, I'd have to say my fear factor went off the charts because of my health going from normal chronic illnesses to major uncurable illnesses. I woke up one morning around 5 a.m. and my life changed from calm and normal to a living nightmare all in a matter of seconds.
I'd just gone to the bathroom and back when all you know what broke loose.  For the next 6 months I didn't know if I'd live or die. The doctors did not know what was wrong with me and just sent me home to die. Obviously, I didn't because here I am 5 years later still alive.
A dear friend told me about a homeopathic doctor that might be able to help me. Well, she was more than right. I was in a wheel chair and could bearly sit up because I was so weak. My body was shutting down organ by organ and I had lost 40 pounds in 6 months.
From that first visit I got my life back one day at a time. But, the fear of getting up out of bed during the night terrified me more than if someone had a gun to my head. I would have taken the gun over the unknown of would I keep having these awful attacks of burning up on fire and shaking uncontrollable for hours. With each attack I would loose weight.
But, thank God, and I do mean it was because of him that I managed to live through all this, that as the years went by and the attacks came less and less often and the weight finally stopped dropping off and started to go up that my fear finally started to subside.
I actually pray evertime I get up and make it back to bed safe and sound. And, I've been doing that nonstop for the last five years, faithfully.


Anonymous said...

Alot of my fears are brought on by my thinking patterns. I worry about the future, health, finances, family you name it and I create the what if's. But I have found that through the Lord that I need to focus only on the day I have right now. And let him know how grateful I am to have it.

Anonymous said...

I completely relate to all you shared. After health probs and a injury my usual fears began to go off the charts as well. I think I live in a constant stae of fear and panic. Some days I fight it better than others. Trying to learn and lean on God more!! One day at a time! Linda