Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 17: Eat Right For Your Type

Day 17: Eat Right For Your Type- There is a book by Dr. D'Adamo called "Eat Right For Your Blood Type" and I follow it with good results. Now, you can also pay for an expensive blood test that will tell you the foods you are allergic to or should avoid, but this can change over time.
I have found that after having skin testing  to only a few foods that are the most popular or the ones I ate the most that I was tested for I was not allergic to them. So, after comparting the tests with his diet for my blood type "O" I have felt better and had more energy.

Giving your body the right fuel it needs to work effecienty makes all the difference in how you feel and look. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and a low-fat diet is best. Eat 5 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. Drink plenty of water, usually 8-10 8 ounce glasses a day to keep yourself hydrated and to cleanse your system.

Don't deny yourself treats, but remember- a healthy body that serves you well through the years is the biggest treat of all. So, make the snacks healthy ones. Use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Day 16: Take the Day Off- For me this is a regular happening. I am home daily and can control my surroundings. If I feel like no noise I just don't have any. If I want to call a friend and talk I do.  I turn the ringer down or off on the phone and take a nap daily.
Whatever, the situation for that day is what determines my activity level and noise level.
On Mondays, I have the house cleaned by a friend, so on that day I know I have to be dressed and ready for activity during most of my day.  The rest of the week is quiet and I can go at my own pace. I love the peace and quiet when I'm home alone.
It wasn't always a welcomed thing and I had to learn to adjust to the new changes in my life.


Anonymous said...

Now that DH is not employed and home alot I really look forward to my alone time. When he has to take off for the day, I just sit back with my cup of tea and book and just relax and enjoy the quiet. It can be sooooo refreshing.

Anonymous said...

This one is tough for me. DH and I are both retired and now work seven days a week, LOL. Our to-do list is endless, sometimes seem for everything done, two more things come up. I look forward to coffee out with friends on Monday mornings, usually add a couple of errands too. That seems to be as close as I get to a day off!

Marjean said...

Dr. D'Adamo also makes cookbooks for your type. I found this to be very helpful in meal planning and I don't have to always come up with me own recipe. I like his books and have only benefited by using them.