Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 19:Set the Table

Day 19: Set the Table-A pretty table can transform a meal into a special event.  Why save your pretty dishes for company or special occassions?  Why restrict candles or flowers t infrequent romantic dinners?

Get out that favorite tablecloth, the good flatware, the delicate crystal dishes.  Use placemats and cloth napkins to add color and flair, and serving bowls and table decorations to elevate even the most ordinary of meals.

Live-in style!

Day 18: Take a Nap! For me taking a nap is a daily requirement. By 4 o'clock my brain is getting slower and I'll get a headache and start to feel awful. So, I just nap and within an hour I'm fresh enough to make dinner and relax for the evening with the family.


Cindy Lou said...

So many of us have pretty things we just don't use. This year when our "daily" dishes were looking rather pitiful we got Fiestware in two colors, a turquoise shade and a warm orange. I find I really enjoy setting the table more when we can have one color for a meal or a jolly combination. I think about which plates look better for a given meal.
Ahhh! Naps! I just got up from one. Yep, it gives me more energy through the rest of the day and I believe it improves my mood.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much need to take a nap everyday. And my body pretty well tells me when. I may not go to sleep but I do need the rest. It makes me a better person to be with in the evenings than I would be without one. Brenda