Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 23: Make Your Own Soundtrack

Day 23: Make Your Own Soundtrack- These days you can make a cd of all of your favorite songs instead of having to buy the whole cd and skip songs you don't like.  I made up one of my favorite songs on  it costs little to do and you can add as many songs as you choose.

Start your day with music that makes you glad to be alive.  Choose music that makes you smile or dance, or that reminds yo of special people, places and occasions.

Bring it with you in the car. Let it lift you above the routines of the everyday life. Sing along that gives you even more feelings of happiness.

Day 22: Bible Study and Research- I have a Bible textbook on the book of Revelation.  It gives a verse by verse explanation of each chapter.  It is fantastic!  I wouldn't be without it.  Most people I talk to always ask me about the book of Revelation and what it all means.  I always give them a copy of this wonderful textbook and they are so thankful. 

When you have the right tools, Bible study can be fun and easy.  It is hard work that pays off in the end with everlasting results.  I say hard because it takes discipline to read it each week and meditate on what you've read so you don't forget the most important parts.

It's like having your favorite meal once a week and thinking back at how you enjoyed making it and and eating it. So make time for Bible study and meditate on what you've learned daily. 

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