Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 24: Journaling

Day 24: Journaling- I've talked about making a list, making a scrapbook and now make or buy a journal.  Journaling is a great antidote to stress.  That's because it gets out your true deep thoughts and feelings, and brings out your most precious dreams.

Make journaling a daily or weekly habit.  Buy a special pen or make up a fancy one yourself with some pretty paper or fabric and just glue it around the pen. Tie some ribbon at the end and you've got your special journaling pen.

Don't cross out or erase, just let the thoughts flow across the page. It's your book so who cares if you change your mind on a matter, you can write that down too.  We change our feelings on things as we mature and grow in wisdom day by day and year by year.

For me my journaling is best done at night before I go to bed.  It helps me get things off my mind so I can sleep better.

Day 23: Make Your Own Soundtrack- I need to make another cd from Walmart. I made one about a year ago with so many great songs I'd remembered from my childhood that my mother would play and from my favorite movies.
I'm making a list of the songs I liked from different movies and then I'm going to make my next one for my reducing stress journey.

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