Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 22: Bible Study and Research

Day 22: Bible Study and Research- When you read the bible it does help reduce stress by bringing you closer to God. But, studying and researching different sections you are reading about does wonders to get your mind off yourself.  And, that is our goal to keep our minds positive and filled with positive beneficial things.

Supplies You'll Need: Bible Concordance, Reference Bible,  a Mini Bible Encyclopedia, and a Bible in Modern English.
The source that I use is free even the shipping is free at and they have many Bible textbooks as well that I find extremely beneficial in my studies.

Let's start with one scriptures that discuss the changes God will bring about on the earth. You draw your own conclusions. I am a trained Bible instructor so you may feel free to ask any questions you have if you don't understand or if it is a new discovery than what you have known all your life.
This is intended for benefiting and building us up during these hard times. It is not intended to become a debate on beliefs. So, please keep that in mind with your comments.
I will post my research each day and you do the same with yours. I will give further scriptural references to explain a specific topic. Let's keep this fun!

Topic #1- Revelation 21:4- "He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore."
Let's start with the first reference in that verse is the word tear. It gives two other scriptures to refer to. First, Isaiah 65:19 and Revelation 7:17. From Isaiah it refers you to Jeremiah 31:12, Isaiah 35:10 and back to Revelation 21:4. From Revelation 7:17 refers to Isaiah 25:8. From Isaiah 25:8 refers you back to Isaiah 35:30, Revelation 21:4 and  7:17.

So, you see how the scriptures teach by scriptures. And, of course you need someone trained in scripture to explain how to use a reference Bible and how to understand the time period it is refering to. Which all of these are refering to the time when those living now who God deems worthy to survive his coming "great day" and those who will be resurrected in the future will experience these blessings.
But, let's just take one step at a time. Do your research and let me know how you do tomorrow. If you can't find any of the supplies email me and I will send them to you free.

Day 21: Qualities That Reduce Stress: I take each quality in Galatians 5: 22,23 and research them one by one in the scriptures using the above formula and with scriptural articles found in my Bible journals that discussed these over the years. I find it helps me discipline myself to work on the aspect of each qualitiy I'm lacking in in some way.
Due to my Lyme disease causing a disruption in my moods and thinking I find that I get upset more easally with my loved ones over the smallest of things. That just aggrevate my mind and cause me to loose my calm, cool and normally collected state of mind.
I think my childhood is coming back to haunt me in that respect. My father was always yelling at us for every little thing we did.
 I don't yell but my temper changes quickly and I hate that. I used to be so in control of my emotions. So, the only thing I've found to help combat this is doing bible research on that quality. And of course, lots of prayers for holy spirit to bring me a calm and mild temper.
I find to the minute I feel my emotions starting to change I look for a humours way to say something to make myself calm down.

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