Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 27: Take A Walk

Day 27: Take A Walk- When you are feeling stressed or having a tense moment talk a walk. Get out of the house if you can or go to the mall or Walmart. Anywhere to get your mind off yourself and relax.  Looking at nature just automatically brings a calm to your being.
Let go of all the tension, frustrations and anxieties that can slip into your day.  Sing or hum or even whistle your favorite tune.  Take along a portable radio with earphones or your I-pod.
The walk and the music will do you good and get your mind on something that will change your mood to the better.

Day 26: Get to bed early- My bedtime has changed drastically over the last five years due to my health issues.  I started with 9 p.m. and that stayed pretty much the same until about a year ago. I have improved to the point that I can stay up until 10 p.m. now. Wahoo! My family loves it and so do I.
And, boy do I ever feel better when I can sleep straight through to 8 or 9 a.m.  I take a product by Neuro Science called Neurotransmitters that balance the serotonin and other chemicals in the brain.
My brain chemistry was disrupted by the Lyme disease and this natural product has literally given me back my ability to read, talk on the phone, stand loud noices, stand bright light and sleep.

You can have a simple urine and saliva test that will establish what is in need of balancing in the brain.  The lab is run by Blue Cross and Blue Shield in CA. So lots of insurance companies will pay for the test.  I have one once a year to see where I'm at and the results always show an improvement.

I would highly recommend everyone getting the test and taking the product. It is safe for even children and effective. It is something you have to take permanetly to keep yourself balanced.  It can help ADD and AD/HD in children and adults alike. 
You can order the test from  they also provide the product at the lowest price available. I order from them all the time.  I do not get any money from your purchase, this is just information I want to pass on because I know how vital it is for everyone. Especially, for those under stress.

My daughter started on the product after her testing two years ago. We were in a car accident and that impact effects the brain chemistry.  She also has a problem with staying focused and the Neuro Science Formula's have improved her thinking and retention abilities for work.

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